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09:00 Welcome  
09:10 Session with Keynote Speakers  

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1st Paper Presentation Session

Chairing: Ian Morton Chairing: Nicole Mitsche
Claudia Sima

Mental health and tourism: an analysis of “The ‘Wild’ effect”

Maja Jovic

Urban vs. Rural in architectural representation of post-conflict

Claudia Sima & Franziska Vogt

Vlogging representations of the dismal experience: Dismaland from a different angle!

Issahaku Adam & Francis Eric Amuquandoh

Multiple contested experiences: A multi-ethnic analysis of the relationship between motivation, experience and post-purchase behavioural intentions of tourists at former slave castle in Ghana.

Sharon Wilson

The embodied viscosities of ‘slow travel’ and their affect on light, atmosphere, time and motion.

Emilio Faroldi, Stefano Capolongo, Maria Pilar Vettori, Marco Gola, Viola Fabi & Andrea Brambilla

Italian SPAs and health promotion. A multidisciplinary tool towards innovative strategies.

Melih Aydin, Ceyhun Çağlar Kilinc, & Alper Ates

Do we really need to go that far? Staycation, a cozy vacation


2nd Paper Presentation Session

Chairing: Sharon Wilson Chairing: Nikolaos Pappas
Claudia Melis, Donna Chambers & Ian Morton

Representation of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Discourses from Scotland and Sardinia

Serkan Uzungullari & Nicole Mitsche

The Pokemon game as a pull factor in new target market acquisition for tourism places and local stakeholders.

Desloehal Djumrianti & Donna Chambers

A critical discourse analysis of representations of gender in tourism promotional photographs of Jakarta

Nicholas Wise & Marko Perić

Managing Sports Tourism and Events in Medulin and Pula (Croatia) During the Off-Season

Paul Lynch

Ideologies of Hospitality: Deconstructing a Tour Guide Narrative

Pau Obrador Pons

Festive traditions and tourism in Mallorca: ludic transgressions and the disruption of otherness


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3rd Paper Presentation Session

Chairing: Donna Chambers Chairing: Serkan Uzungullari
Stella Sofianopoulou

Using data to improve service: an insight into European Public Libraries

Jayamali Nawarathne & Sivagnanam Maheswaran

The Rise of Spa in Transition Economy: Exploring the Quality of Experience in Heritage Spa in Post War Sri Lanka

Min Liu

An agreement of ‘Conspiracy’ between West and East

Efstathios Velissariou & Theoharis Gkougkoulitsas

Tourism marketing strategy for the City of Thessaloniki in Greece

Chris Newman

‘First star to the right’ – space tourism in the new space age

Michelle Mc Leod

Empowering local community tourism: a case study of The August Town Tour in Kingston, Jamaica


Coffee Break


4th Paper Presentation Session

Chairing: Alyssa Eve Brown Chairing: James Johnson
Dirisa Mulindwa

Analysing Uganda’s potential to develop Religious Tourism

Emiel Martens

Documentary Film: ‘Welcome to the Smiling Coast’

Umay Shah

The Hajj – Can rules and regulations alter the performance of women within the event?

Seth Kirby

Social justice and social sustainability of mega-event host communities



16:30 Closing session