Publication Opportunities

All abstracts will be included in the Research Symposium proceedings. In addition, abstracts may be selected for development and publication in the following journals:

1. e-Review of Tourism Research

e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR) is a web-based, bimonthly international research network for tourism professionals. It provides timely research reports and scheduled e-mails notifying subscribers of research highlights. The journal aims to be a world class clearinghouse of applied tourism research for travel and tourism professionals. Therefore, its vision is to be the leading outlet for disseminating and sharing new tourism information, research highlights, technologies, and methods for professionals throughout the world. For more information please visit:

2. International Journal of Spa and Wellness

The International Journal of Spa and Wellness is the first, peer-reviewed research journal for Spa and Wellness. The journal publishes high quality international, multi-disciplinary research. It also serves as a platform for international practitioners in the fields of spa, health and wellness to showcase industry best practice. All manuscripts published in the journal are peer reviewed by accomplished experts in the topical area. Being a multi-disciplinary journal, its readership is diverse encompassing academics, practitioners and policy makers. For more information please contact the journal’s European Editor Dr Elina (Eleni) Michopoulou (

3. TOURISMOS: An International Multidisciplinary Refereed Journal of Tourism

TOURISMOS is an international, multi-disciplinary, refereed (peer-reviewed) journal aiming to promote and enhance research in all fields of tourism, including travel, hospitality and leisure. The journal is published twice per year (in Spring and in Autumn) by the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies in Tourism Planning, Policy & Management of the University of the Aegean, Greece. For more information please visit:

Please Note: For publication consideration in the above journals, the abstract should have already been presented at the Research Symposium.

Guidelines for Journal Publication

After the end of the Research Symposium, the proceedings will be sent to the editors of the journals hosted at the event. If you would like to publish your research in one of these journals, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Write a full paper in accordance with the guidelines of the journal in which you would like to publish your research.
  2. The title of your paper should be exactly the same as the one included in the symposium proceedings.
  3. The Author(s) name(s), affiliation(s) and allocation should be exactly the same as the ones included in the symposium proceedings.
  4. Please indicate in the cover letter addressed to the journal’s editor that the research included in your paper has been presented at the “Research Symposium – Tourism Hospitality & Events: Border Crossings & Inter-connections”.